Available upon login to the admin site as well as via the Dashboard section link, the Dashboard is a one-stop summary of the MediaStore system’s most salient data. Where available, the View more and View all links will take you to a more detailed overview.

  • Products: Total amount of Products as well as amount per individual Access level.
  • Assets: Total amount of Assets as well as amount per individual asset status.
  • Organizations: Total amount of Organizations as well as that of Active (including at least one Active User) and Inactive ones.
  • Users: Total amount of Users as well as amount per individual User Status.
  • Groups: Total amount of Groups.
  • Recommendations: Total amount of sent Recommendations.
  • Visits and Views: Total Analytics amounts of visits and views.
  • Tasks: Count of (and link to) unassigned Assets as well as Users pending activation.

The Dashboard summarises essential system information