Any of the following Status may apply to a User:

  • Inactive: The User entry has been created, but the User has not been invited to join the platform yet.
  • Pending: The client has submitted a registration on the public portion of your client site, but the registration has not been processed yet.
  • Invited: The User has been sent an invitation email with a signup link. This occurs either as a result of inviting an Inactive User or approving a Pending User.
  • Active: The User can login to the platform in accordance with the Role they were assigned.
  • Blocked: The User’s access credentials have been invalidated and they cannot login any further. However, the User entry remains available to review within the admin site.
  • Rejected: The User submitted a registration which was then rejected at the Pending status.
  • Deleted: The User entry has been deleted and will be permanently erased from the system shortly. Deleted Users will only be shown if you specifically filter for Include deleted in the Users section. They are kept in the system for at least two weeks, but not indefinitely.

You may review and change a User’s status by navigating to Clients > Users and choosing from among the available Actions.