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Release notes: 10 January 2022

  • A custom ‘personal client dashboard‘ section for one of our clients has almost been finished, unifying client-specific data such as favorite titles, received recommendations, and targeted themed collections.
  • Our screening conferences tool has been updated to the latest version, ensuring ongoing compatibility with future versions of all major browsers.
  • Various smaller client-specific changes were implemented.
Release notes: 10 January 20222021-12-23T16:15:25+00:00

December 2021 log4j vulnerability impact statement

In December 2021, a vulnerability in log4j, a commonly used logging tool, was reported and widely publicised due to its potential for exploitation of technical infrastructure components all around the globe. For more information, please refer to:

Once this vulnerability became known around December 10th, mediafellows started assessing its impact on the MediaStore system in order to provide swift remediation where needed.

All in all, no critical system components were found to be affected, as log4j is not widely deployed within MediaStore’s infrastructure. However, two services are running log4j and thus required attention:

  • Elastic Search
    • Purpose: Provide indices of searchable metadata (e.g. users, products, assets) in order to provide searching and filtering functionality in the administrative and client-facing MediaStore sites.
    • log4j vulnerability impact: None. Our version of Elastic Search uses log4j 1.x, however only log4j 2.x is affected. (Any future upgrade of Elastic Search will include a patched log4j version.)
  • Logstash
    • Purpose: Provide automated logging of system activities, including basic non-critical metadata on system processes and involved objects. (Does not provide access to full metadata records or any stored files/assets.)
    • log4j vulnerability impact: Used an affected log4j version. An upgrade to Logstash version 7.16.1, using patched log4j 2.15.0, was performed on December 13th.

It’s worth noting that both services are not public-facing parts of MediaStore’s infrastructure and are thus far less prone to direct user input, nonetheless we patched Logstash as soon as possible in order to avoid any potential risk.

December 2021 log4j vulnerability impact statement2021-12-16T12:49:02+00:00

Release notes: 13 December 2021

  • Groundwork has been laid for integration of live video streams into pages such as event- or title-specific microsites. As a next step, further development will be undertaken to enable easy management of such streams using MediaStore’s administrative site. For the time being, this functionality will be available on request only.
  • A recent update of our mobile app for iOS devices introduces some tweaks and fixes, such as more flexible second-screen sharing and immediate in-Collection navigation between included products.
  • Various minor client-specific improvements were deployed.
Release notes: 13 December 20212021-12-06T14:41:14+00:00

Release notes: 22 November 2021

  • Our professional screening and QC video player receives another update, available on request: Optionally, predefined audio track label definitions can be managed in the MediaStore system’s settings, which will be provided as suggestions. This avoids uncontrolled manual entry of deviating labels.
  • Our screening-quality video transcoding and delivery workflow, also available on request, has been expanded with additional watermarking features. It is now possible to apply up to three watermarks in parallel – free text, recipient email, and burn-in timecode.
  • Some tweaks to our API interconnection with Microsoft Dynamics, the CRM solution favored by one of our clients, ensures smoother and more timely relay of screening links.
  • Our new client Relativity Media, opting for a white-label client site focussing on sales and marketing, is close to official launch, with data imports and customizations all but completed.
Release notes: 22 November 20212021-11-16T16:14:46+00:00

Release notes: 25 October 2021

  • Our bespoke asset import workflows have been expanded with an option to provide XML definitions of audio track metadata, which are then processed and rendered into MediaStore’s UI to avoid the need for manual track title entry on custom track layouts.
  • Our client ORF-Enterprise receives customized print previews for their client site’s product pages, allowing their users to print or export fully designed single-page flyers and multi-page mini catalogs.
  • A new audio transcrption feature is currently in QA, allowing users to request automated transcription of a video asset’s audio into a subtitle file. Potential use cases could include simplified delivery of scripts to dubbing studios or subsequent (automated) translation of these subtitles to other languages for screening in a particular language for which no dub is available.
Release notes: 25 October 20212021-10-22T09:56:59+00:00

Release notes: 11 October 2021

  • We launched our client Entertainment One’s brand-new screening site at Applying a fresh, modern design to the MediaStore client-facing platform, this site makes use of all key marketing tools as well as our screening conferences add-on and additional custom-coded event microsites.
  • Some tweaks were introduced to our screening conferencing solution.
  • Various smaller client-specific add-ons were released.
Release notes: 11 October 20212021-10-07T14:43:56+00:00

Release notes: 20 September 2021

  • Various tweaks to our screening conferences were deployed, such as the option to define custom texts for the welcome or exit pages.
  • Multiple client-specific tweaks were deployed.
Release notes: 20 September 20212021-09-27T14:57:04+00:00

Release notes: 9 August 2021

  • Our professional video player, available on demand, received a few usability upgrades, such as on-the-fly editing of audio track titles, keyboard shortcuts for instantaneous playback control, and additional frame and second skipping options.
  • The new product detail page of our standard white-label client site template was further streamlined, and its improved product selection slider rolled out to further areas of the platform.
  • Our screening conferences add-on received a few new features, such as sending a text notification to participants who are in the waiting room and muting of individual participants by the moderator.
  • Our new client Rx France, who uses the MediaStore’s asset hosting and streaming infrastructure as a backbone to their new online presence, started their productive use of a custom MediaStore instance with bespoke video processing options.
Release notes: 9 August 20212021-09-27T14:57:51+00:00

Release notes: 19 July 2021

  • For our client Entertainment One, who already uses MediaStore to host multiple microsites to highlight specific titles or screening events in an exclusive, visually customized context, we updated some of these microsites to reflect the latest titles and episodes.
  • After the release of our new mobile app for iOS devices, we deployed some minor tweaks and fixes.
  • Our client ITV received some updates to their asset handling tools, such as a custom, prominently exposed “Asset Checked” flag to indicate manual review status.
  • Our client Reed Expositions France, who stands behind such events as MIPTV and MIPCOM, takes their custom solution live, which mainly uses MediaStore as a backbone for video hosting and streaming of worldwide content in the context of their market and exhibition offerings.
Release notes: 19 July 20212021-07-13T15:12:01+00:00

Release notes: 28 June 2021

  • Our asset storage, screening, processing and delivery capabilities have been upgraded with several new core features which we will expand further upon over the next few months. Note that these services are only available on request for the time being:
    • Transcoding of broadcast-quality hi-res assets to selected target formats such as ProRes and MXF
    • Delivery to external Aspera server destinations
    • Improved display of frame-accurate timecode and real-time centisecond timecode
  • Various smaller tweaks for Red Arrow Studios International, such as a fully refreshed and dynamically manageable contact page, have been released.
  • A custom hi-res asset import workflow was launched for Motion Content Group, allowing for the ingest and immediate long-term archival of successive batches of assets. Also, a similar process using a dedicated watchfolder storage bucket was set up to deal with the ongoing ingress of new assets.
Release notes: 28 June 20212021-07-13T15:04:54+00:00
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