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Release notes

Release notes: 3 April 2023

  • Our client Bavaria Media is launching a custom PDF sales sheet feature, allowing clients and the internal sales team to export print-ready one-page flyers for any title, generated on-the-fly from the available visuals and metadata.
  • MediaStore’s generic mobile app, optionally available as a turnkey mobile screening and presentation tool to all of our clients, has received a major overhaul, building on a fully refactored code base for better performance, more reliable sync of even large content collections, and added features such as recommendations and in-app conferencing (if part of the SaaS package).
  • Our client FilmRise receives multiple updates, including a custom variation of the title detail view, in order to direct the client journey towards specific images and videos.
Release notes: 3 April 20232023-03-23T10:43:45+00:00

Release notes: 13 March 2023

  • Our custom new Apple TV App for our client Lionsgate is entering pre-release. This app allows any user, internal or external, to experience Lionsgate’s rich content sales catalog on the big screen via an OTT-style experience.
  • We have completed and elaborate refactoring of our file ingest pipeline, improving processing speed on transcoding videos and increasing flexibility in storage and reusability of generated preview versions.
  • Development of our new administrative interface continues, with new features such as comprehensive cast and crew management (adding images per crew and cast member and central management of personnel lists) on the way.
Release notes: 13 March 20232023-03-23T10:39:59+00:00

Release notes: 20 February 2023

  • Our client International Emmys‘ award entry period is in full swing and we have provided multiple improvements and fixes to both the entrant and admin view of the platform.
  • Multiple smaller client-specific tweaks and changes were introduced.
Release notes: 20 February 20232023-03-23T10:38:59+00:00

Release notes: 30 January 2023

  • Our client Lionsgate’s screening site has been augmented with new functionality to compile and present themed or market-specific collections, each with a key video, introductory text and featured titles.
  • Our new and updated recommendation functionality, available within our revamped new adminstrative interface, is receiving additional features and tweakability, allowing sales execs to granularly configure and send screening links to any recipient.
Release notes: 30 January 20232023-03-23T10:37:46+00:00

Release notes: 9 January 2023

  • A fully new and custom sales and marketing website has been launched for our new client Newen Connect, addressing both international and French domestic buyers with a multi-language interface, rich presentational features, and a fully responsive design.
  • The new and revamped custom iOS mobile app for our client Lionsgate is entering pre-release. This app ties in visually with Lionsgate’s recently revamped LGTV screening website and allows any registered client to experience its catalog on-the-go, with OTT-style offline syncing and additional features for internal sales execs and admins.
Release notes: 9 January 20232023-03-23T10:37:05+00:00

Release notes: 10 October 2022

  • We are launching a new custom mobile app for our client Entertainment One, which is opening not only for sales user’s but eOne’s entire client base, and highlights its content in a flashy custom design that makes moving between desktop and mobile effortless. In additional, it provides tailored features such as predefined playlists for client users, a bespoke main navigation and custom slider and thumbnail visuals.
  • Our client RX France, who has been using our system as a video streaming backbone for a longer time already, is electing to launch a screening platform for their MIP Junior market event this year using MediaStore. This platform collects content from exhibitors and connects it with potential buyers via a cloud interface which will be used both on-site during the event and worldwide to facilitate screening and licensing.
  • Our client ITV Studios receives additional customization, such as more flexible meeting management, more customizations of their bespoke MediaStore mobile app, and various client site tweaks.
  • Multiple smaller client-specific tweaks were added.
Release notes: 10 October 20222022-09-26T13:54:06+00:00

Release notes: 19 September 2022

  • Our custom mobile app, available to be implemented according to your design specifications, received performance optimizations and additional features such as a more flexible content recommendation engine and an option to display product and asset recommendations in one place.
  • Our new administrative interface, available on request, got a brand-new backend for content recommendations which, in the near future, will make sharing content and videos with selected users more flexible.
  • Various client-specific changes were implemented.
Release notes: 19 September 20222022-09-26T13:53:50+00:00

Release notes: 29 August 2022

  • Improvements to our audio track line-up review and management functionality, including automatic allocation of mono source audio track titles based on the selected stereo mix title, were deployed
  • .Our custom, AI-based video subtitle transcription and translation tool is now fully available, allowing for easy creation of screening-quality subtitles and their translation into any common language.
  • We are gearing up to officially launch the sales and marketing website for our new client FilmRise, based on our white-label design template and comprising a comprehensive migration of products, assets and users.
Release notes: 29 August 20222022-09-01T12:54:53+00:00

Release notes: 8 August 2022

  • Our client ITV Studios is the first adopter of our new calendar feature, which allows for effortless scheduling of meetings, including attendee allocation and allotment of physical locations such as screening booths.
  • Additional backend enhancements were made to improve our in-progress new administrative interface, which is now available on request.
  • Multiple smaller client-specific changes were implemented.
Release notes: 8 August 20222022-09-01T12:50:48+00:00

Release notes: 11 July 2022

  • Refactorings to our content recommendation engine, to increase flexibility and performance, are underway with backend changes being deployed.
  • As a result of a security audit, we have reviewed findings. No critical issues were found, however we have tightened security around group-based access metadata.
Release notes: 11 July 20222022-09-01T12:40:05+00:00
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