MediaStore’s Assets section allows you to upload files of any kind and assign them to any Products you’d like to associate them with. A few essential concepts are worth pointing out:

  • An Asset can be any file whatsoever. Various Asset Types are available to categorize it e.g. as Screener, Key Art, Script or similar.
  • An Asset is composed of both a metadata entry (comprising properties such as Title, Asset Type and other metadata) and the file itself. The Asset metadata entry can theoretically exist without an Asset file itself, or the actual file on an Asset entry can be replaced.
  • An Asset can be assigned to one or multiple Products. This adds the Asset to the assigned Products’ repository of Assets. Of course, Product assignments can be modified later.
  • You can flag an Asset as a Marketing Asset. The system uses these to represent its assigned Product(s) on the client site. Typically, a Marketing Asset would be e.g. a Trailer, Screener or Image. If a video is used as a Marketing Asset, it will become streamable. When viewing the Assets tab on a Product, this state is indicated by a filled-in yellow star (which can also be clicked to change the state).
  • Access levels and Groups can be used to manage availability of Assets to specific User Roles or even individual Users.