Using Access levels and permissions as well as Asset Status, you can control the availability of an Asset. There are two steps to the process:

  1. In order to gain the option of making an Asset available to clients, set its Status to Available. Any other Status will always keep the Asset invisible to clients.
  2. Use the Asset’s Access level to determine whether the Asset will be visible to clients at all (Viewable for logged-in clients, Public for public visitors if your platform has a public element), and in addition whether it should be downloadable by clients (Download permission).

Once you’ve navigated to Assets, you will find several ways of achieving this:

  • Click an Asset’s current Access level and Status in the Access / Status column.
  • Tick any Asset(s) you’d like to modify, then choose Actions > Change Access or Change Status in the top navigation.
  • Open an Asset’s detail view and modify the Access or Status value in the General tab.
There are several ways of changing an Asset's Access setting

There are several ways of changing an Asset’s Access setting

You can also use Events to schedule Access changes for a future date and time.

For more granular Access variations, e.g. to make an Asset downloadable to certain Users only, please use Groups.