Organizations vs. Users

Within MediaStore, an association between Organizations and Users is mandatory and helps group Users from the same company. More specifically, the following concepts apply:

  • Each User must be associated with one single Organization.
  • An Organization may include one or several Users, but it may also include none.
  • For login, a User account is required; Organization accounts as such are used for grouping only and do not come with any access credentials.

Therefore, in order to set up a new User entry (e.g. to invite the User), a suitable Organization entry must be present.

Client vs. Admin Users

The MediaStore system can typically be accessed through both a client site (typically a customer-facing catalog and screening platform) and an admin site (which includes user, content and asset management capabilities). Through User Roles, which can be customized, each User can be given suitable privileges:

  • Client Users may only login to the client site.
  • Admin Users may login to the client site and the admin site.

When preparing a User for signup, you will be required to assign a Role. This may be changed later by editing the User entry.

When a User signs up or a User entry is initially created, they will not immediately be able to access the MediaStore system. Their Status can be changed by granting them access.

User Roles and their associated priviliges can be managed dynamically, however they can typically only be created and modified by high-level admin users or MediaStore support.