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Asset Status

Unlike Access level, the Asset Status does not directly fine-tune an Asset’s availability to Users. However, apart from its function of flagging an Asset’s internal workflow status, it also fundamentally controls whether an Asset can be made visible or downloadable to client Users. More specifically, Assets can be made available to client Users using Access level only as long as their Status is Available.

Any of the following Status may apply to an Asset:

  • Created: The Asset was created and is now present in the system. Regardless of Access level, a Created Asset is not available to client Users.
  • Review: The Asset is earmarked for Review. Regardless of Access level, a Review Asset is not available to client Users.
  • Available: The Asset is available without any reservations. Once an Asset is Available, Access levels can be used to impact its availability to client Users.
  • Archived: The Asset should not be used productively anymore. Regardless of Access level, an Archived Asset is not available to client Users.
  • Offline: The Asset has been moved to long-term storage. It can still be previewed and streamed, but not downloaded.
For instance, an Asset with Status Available and Access Viewable will be visible/streamable, but not downloadable by client Users. Changing this Asset’s Status to Archived will remove it from the client platform even if Access remains at Viewable.

You may review and change an Asset’s status by navigating to Assets and clicking an Asset’s current Status in the Access / Status column.

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