Long-term storage of assets is primarily designed as a lower-cost storage alternative for clients who manage high volumes of assets and would like to reduce storage costs for unused (or infrequently used) assets. Please contact us for more information about pricing.

MediaStore’s default asset management infrastructure ensures that all assets are fully available at all times, ensuring that no wait times will be encountered even if, for instance, older assets suddenly need to be retrieved again.

However, in case you have a set of assets at hand which you wil foreseeably not need to download, MediaStore also offers long-term storage. This can be enabled per individual asset (or in bulk) and will move said asset(s) into a cheaper long-term storage location within our infrastructure where the asset can still be previewed (and streamed if it is a video), but not downloaded.

To move an asset to long-term storage, use Actions > Archive in the Assets list page. Once the archival process has finished, the asset’s status will be Offline, and certain interactions (such as download or an ad-hoc manual status change) will be disabled. Once you would like to move an asset back to regular high-availability storage, use Actions > Unarchive.