A Product, in MediaStore terms, is a metadata entry representing an audiovisual title. This could be anything from a feature film to a series or a short film. A few essential concepts apply to Products:

  • A Product is first and foremost a metadata entry. As such, it does not (yet) have ties to any specific Asset such as an image or screener when it is first created.
  • Each Product may have one or several metadata Layers. This way, you can manage multiple sets of metadata, e.g. in different languages or prepackaged for different VOD vendors.
  • Assets can be assigned to Products to provide images, screeners and downloadable assets on the Product.
  • Products can be hierarchically associated in order to e.g. create a series-season-episode dependency.

In detail, these five different Product types are available:

  • Programs are single, autonomous product entries such as films or shorts.
  • Formats are the highest level of hierarchical product entries: a Format entry may reference content comprising several series, seasons and/or episodes, or may stand on its own to represent a format for which no finished tape is available.
  • Series are titles comprising multiple episodes, which may also be grouped into multiple seasons. A Series can belong to a Format, or stand on its own.
  • Seasons are used to assemble groups of episodes, most commonly by production cycle. A Season always belongs to a Series; it cannot stand on its own.
  • Episodes are, as the name suggests, individual episodes in e.g. a series. An Episode can belong to a Series or Season; it cannot stand on its own.

In the Products section, the following actions are available:

  • Add and manage Products.
  • Navigate through Products by using search and filters.
  • Recommend Products to send preview/screening links via email.
  • The separate Settings section allows you to manage Awards (prizes a Product may have won) and Genres (a custom genre tree).