MediaStore’s Clients section allows to create, view and modify Users and Organizations in your MediaStore system’s database. Additionally, Groups and Events allow you to, respectively, assign privileged access to certain Products and/or Assets to particular Users, and schedule changes to these special access settings. The following sections are available:

  • Use the Organizations and Users sections to access the database itself. Here, you can create, approve and invite as well as view and manage them, including their Status and Access level. Fundamental information on how Users and Organizations are structured can be found here.
  • Roles (available to admin-level users only) lets you review available User Roles and the privileges available to Users in each of them. Fundamental information about User Roles can be found here.
  • Groups can be used to compile Products and Assets, assign privileged Product and/or Asset access to certain Users and Organizations, and send preview or download links via email.
  • Events provide an overview of pending Access changes.
  • Settings let you review fundamental options pertaining to your platform itself as well as your client site.
By default, User accounts’ passwords do not expire. However, it is possible to define an expiry period; in this case, the User will receive up-front reminders to update their password and, after expiry, will be prompted to set a new password. Furthermore, certain user roles can be exempted from password expiry. If you would like to add this functionality, please let us know.