Troubleshooting: Screening Conferences: introduction

If you are facing issues with your screening conference, please check the below scenarios for a problem description matching the case at hand, then proceed as suggested. If you still cannot resolve the issue, feel free to contact us.

Please also take note of these general suggestions:

  • The moderator and all participants should be using a device with an up-to-date operating system and an up-to-date common web browser (we recommend Chrome, Edge, or Safari).
  • The device used to join the conference must have a built-in microphone and speaker or an external two-way audio device connected to it (such as a headset). The same applies for webcam use as well.
  • A stable internet connection should be used to connect to the conference. As a rule of thumb, if the connection is suitable for browsing your client-facing MediaStore site and screening videos there, it will be suitable for conferencing.
  • If possible, ad blockers or pop-up blockers should be disabled as they may restrict certain functionality during both the conference preparation phase and the conference itself.
  • An internet connection routed via a corporate VPN may impact the performance and functionality of the screening conferences for anyone using this kind of connection. This is a rare occurrence but cannot be fully ruled out.

While preparing my conference, I cannot see or retrieve the Conference URL.

If you cannot see the Conference URL in the Actions > Screening Conference dialog on your Screening Room Group, please check if you have an ad blocker enabled in your web browser. It may interpret the URL as spam and suppress it. To verify this, please check for an ad blocker icon next to your browser address bar and/or in the browser’s add-ons/plugins settings page. If an ad blocker is installed and enabled, (temporarily) disable it, then reopen the Screening Conference dialog to retrieve the Conference URL.

As the moderator, I cannot start the screening conference from the conference landing page.

Please verify the following:

  • Are you logged into the client-facing site with the same account that you used to set up the conference?
  • In the administrative site, go to your conference’s Screening Room Group and choose Actions > Screening Conference. The Conference Moderator must be the same user as the one logged into the client site. (If this is not the case, you can use Actions > Duplicate on the Screening Room Group to quickly create an exact copy, then trigger Actions > Screening Conference on the copy to retrieve a new link which will have you defined as the moderator.)

My conference is underway, but participants cannot join and I do not see any join requests.

Most likely, the conference link used by participants is not the same as the one you are hosting the conference under. Please double-check if you and all participants are using the same link.

A conference participant has requested to join and was approved, but cannot see/hear other participants nor the moderator.

Please engage with the participant to try the following:

  1. Participant: In the settings pane on the left-hand side, select a different microphone input device.
  2. Participant: Use the Raise Hand icon.
  3. Moderator: You should now see and hear the participant, and vice-versa.

A participant is unable to select or enable their audio and/or video devices while joining the conference.

There could be several reasons:

  • Another web browser or another piece of software such as a dedicated messenger/conference app is currently running and “blocking” the audio and/or video devices for its own exclusive use. Please try shutting down any web browser and app suspected of “blocking” the devices, then reload the conference.
  • The web browser used to join the conference has automatically prevented the conference from accessing the audio and/or video devices. This may occur if the participant has explicitly prohibited the browser from using the devices in the past, or it could be a (security-related) default setting in the browser. Please ask the participant to check the browser’s microphone and camera settings to confirm if the correct devices are enabled and/or if usage of the devices is currently blocked for the site the conference is running under.

I cannot start the screen-sharing functionality to share my computer’s desktop or an app window.

Please check if your browser’s or operating system’s security setting prohibit access to screen-sharing or recording functionality. This is especially prevalent in macOS, where you may need to expressly enable your browser to use recording functionality via the system settings’ security dialog.