Troubleshooting: User login: introduction

Please follow the step-by-step guide below to resolve common issues around user login.

Possible issue descriptions or questions could be:

  • I cannot successfully register for an account.
  • I cannot login although I believe I have an account.

1. Does the user have an account?

In the MediaStore admin site, go to Users and search for the user’s email address to find any matching account. Please also apply the Include Deleted filter to search through deleted accounts as well. Also try searching for the user’s name in case the email address yields no matches.

a. If no account exists, ask the user to register or send them an invitation.
b. If there is an account already, but under a different email address, ask the user to try logging in with this, or update the account’s email to the user’s up-to-date one.
c. If there is an account already and it matches the email address the user used during the login attempt, proceed to step 2.

2. Check the user account’s Status

In the list view, you will be able to review the account’s Status.

a. If the account is Deleted, please use Actions > Restore restore it. After restoring, it will have one of the status listed directly below – please proceed accordingly.
b. If the account is Inactive, Pending or Invited, the user does not have access yet. This could be because they registered or were invited but didn’t finish signup, or because the user was set up as an inactive contact entry only. To give the user access, you may (re)send a user invite by using Actions > (Re)Invite.
c. If the account is Active, they have an account including a password and should be able to log in. If this does not succeed, proceed to step 3.
d. For other user Status details, please see here.

3. Ask the user to set a new password

If the user cannot login after step 2, ask them to use the password recovery function near the login prompt to retrieve a password reset link. (Note that we do not have access to clients’ passwords and cannot retrieve any passwords for you or the user.)

a. If the user receives the password recovery email, usage of the password recovery function should allow them to set a new password and login. Note that, if the user has requested a password recovery email but has not received it, it has most likely ended up in the user’s spam folder, so ask the user to check this. It also makes sense to double-check that the account’s email address is correct.
b. If the password recovery email has not arrived at all, retrieve it from the MediaStore maillog (if you have access) or ask us to provide it. (Also note that users should avoid common words or phrases and, based on your MediaStore implementation, other password requirements may be in place.)
c. If the user still cannot log in even though they have an Active account and know their password by now, proceed to step 4.

4. Verify how the user attempted to login

Client users should typically log in via your client-facing site’s public login form. Internal users intending to use the admin site should use the separate admin site login page.

a. If the user is not using the correct login form (this could also be the case e.g. if the user attempts to reuse their user invite after already having activated the account), point them to the public login form, where they should be able to log in.
b. If the user is using the correct login form and still cannot log in, proceed to step 5.

5. Rule out web browser and connection issues

Issues with login may arise due to the browser or internet connection used by the user.

a. Ask the user to try logging in using a different browser.
b. Ask the user to attempt login via a different internet connection, e.g. a mobile or private network.
c. If the issue persists across multiple browsers and connections, ask the user for details (including versions) of browser and operating system, and get in touch with us.