The MediaStore system uses Roles to assign a set of privileges to a user. Fundamentally, there are these different types of Roles:

  • Public visitors: If your implementation of MediaStore has any public component (which may be a public catalog or even just a static page with a registration form), public visitors will be able to access this public portion of your client-facing site. In case your client site comprises a public catalog, content and assets with Public access will be visible to these visitors.
  • Client users: These users may log into the client-facing site and view content and assets that have at least Viewable access (or that were otherwise made available to them).
  • Admin site users: These usually comprise a set of roles with various degrees of privileges to access not only the client site, but the administrative site as well. For instance, a user with the Adminstrator role may be able to access all content and assets and edit all elements whereas a Sales Agent may have read-only access and only be able to use certain marketing funtionality.
  • System roles (e.g. Agent, Recommendation Recipient): These are purely technical roles that the system requires in order to be able to perform certain tasks (e.g. perform metadata synchronizations or provide Recommendations). These are listed on the Roles settings page, but cannot (and should not) be assigned to “real” Users.

In the Roles section, you may click a user role in order to review its Key Data. Usually you should not edit this. By navigating to the Users tab you may review which users are currently assigned this role.