Business Unit Groups are a special Group type which is chiefly used to structure your client-facing site and client users into multiple segments. For instance, you may want to make different sections of your catalog available to different content buyers depending on geography, or you might have separate television and film segments with greatly divergent catalogues and buyers. Beyond simply splitting content and users into distinct groups, each of said user groups may also be shown a visually idiosyncractic landing page, e.g. with its own set of highlighted titles, as well as a custom set of content metadata or other elements.

Requirements and definitions for Business Unit Groups are typically defined in conjunction with the MediaStore team either during initial setup of your platform or as a custom add-on. If you feel your platform could benefit from Business Unit Groups, please contact us so we may gauge your requirements in detail.

You can find Business Unit Groups under Groups > Business Units. They can be managed in the same way as regular Groups, while the specifics and extent of the data that requires management (e.g. Products, Assets, Users, Organizations) will be greatly dependent on your individual use case.