As a user of the admin site, you have two separate tools at your disposal of viewing the client-facing site:
  • Use the available Preview functionality: You can immediately preview the client site from a client perspective. This automatically initiates a dummy client login so that you will see the client site like a user of the Client site would. Two options are available:
    • Click Switch to Client Site in your user navigation (top right) for a general preview of the client site.
    • On a particular Product detail page, click Preview as Client User to move straight to a client user preview of this particular title page.
  • Log into the client site with your admin site user account: All user accounts that work with the admin site can also be used to log into the client site. On the client site, you will be able to view all pages and use all elements, but be aware that access to Products and Assets will be concurrent with your admin site access rights. This means that you will be able to see e.g. Private Products and Assets that you have access to in the admin site, but which regular client users cannot access.