The following additional Settings sections are available. All relate to additional funtionality – if you are interested in using it, please contact us.

  • Divisions: Via the optional Divisions feature, you may separate your internal users into multiple teams in order to separate their access to certain content and assets (by leveraging the Division access level). This provides the opportunity to keep certain objects accessible only within an individual Division team, rather than the entire internal organization.
  • Custom Fields: In some implementations of the MediaStore platform, this section allows you to manage custom fields. If you are not aware of any instance of this, or if the decision to use this feature was not made during the initial implementation phase, then you can most likely ignore this section.
  • Protections: The MediaStore system offers different (paid) add-ons to further protect assets, in addition to the state-of-the-art encrypted HLS streaming included by default. Here, if you are subscribing to our Visible Watermarking add-on, you may configure its appearance.