This information applies to the France tv Distribution implementation of MediaStore only.

The France tv Distribution landing page features three tiles focussing on market-specific content. These are controlled by three Special Purpose Groups (see Groups > Special Purpose) with the Purposemarket_lineup_1″, “market_lineup_2″, “market_lineup_3”. If in doubt, please check the existing Special Purpose Groups’ detail pages to make sure that the Purpose matches one of the three above.

This is how these Groups can be managed:

  • Visibility – determines whether the Group/tile will appear to clients: Choose between Private/Company (internal) or Viewable (client) in the Access Level shown in the Group’s General tab.
  • Title – will appear on the tile as text: Edit the Name of the Group.
  • Preview image – will define the tile image: Select Actions > Upload Preview Image.
  • Highlighted assets – these videos, images and other assets will be showcase in a big slider: Go to the Group’s Assets tab and add/remove Assets. (Assets should be Viewable in order for clients to see them.) If no Assets are added, the slider will not be shown.
  • Included Products – will appear on the Market Line-Up detail page which opens when the user clicks the tile: Go to the Group’s Products tab and add/remove Products. (Products should be Viewable in order for clients to see them.)
  • Order of tiles: The most recently edited Market Line-Up Group will always appear on the right, so you can control the order by making edits on the Groups in the appropriate order (it’s enough simply to click e.g. a Group’s title, not edit anything, and save.)