If your client site contains a News (typically titled News, Press or similar) section, most likely it will leverage our default way of defining News content. This leverages Assets of the Document/News type – any Asset of this type which is set to at least Viewable access will appear as a News item in the relevant section of your client site. For Assets of this type, these are the key properties – field you do not fill in will not appear to clients:

  • Name: Title or headline
  • News Content: Main body text
  • News Date and News Location: Additional date and location metadata
  • URL: A hyperlink to an external web page
  • URL Title: If specified, the title entered here will override the plain URL link specified above
  • URL YouTube embed: If set to Yes, this specifies that the link you have given is to a YouTube video (rather than a web page), and will embed that video directly in the News detail page

Bear in mind that the News Asset will not appear on your client site unless you set its Access to at least Viewable.