This user guide compiles detailed explanations of all features provided by the MediaStore platform. Reachable from the support pages’ landing page, the user guide starts with the basics (e.g. hardware requirements) before addressing individual functions in greater depth (e.g. adding content and assets, using marketing and delivery functions).

Within the user guide’s text, you will occasionally encounter highlighted paragraphs. The passages highlighted in this fashion contain information with a specific purpose, as indicated by the icon shown:

This crucial information is to be considered very carefully, otherwise you could experience unwanted effects.

This passage provides additional details on the function at hand to help you understand it more thoroughly.

An example will follow, such as a typical use case for the feature that’s currently being addressed.

The function detailed in this passage is only available to Users with specific privileges. Details are provided in italics.

The feature or service described here is not part of MediaStore’s standard functionality or inclusive scope of services. More information on how to retrieve this extra feature or service is provided in italics.

Boxes contain supplementary information which applies to specific client implementations only and may not be available on all MediaStore platforms.

Please be aware that the user guide exclusively covers the admin (or seller) side of the MediaStore platform. Since the buyer (or customer) side usually varies greatly from client to client depending on custom features and designs, it is simply not feasible to address it here.