If you’d like to provision files onto an Aspera server for pull delivery, you may use MediaStore’s built-in Aspera delivery capabilities to do so. Assets can be delivered to any external Aspera server on which you have an account with write privileges.

To action an Aspera delivery, follow these steps:

  1. In the Assets list view, tick one or more assets, then click Actions > Deliver.
  2. In the dialog, enter the Aspera credentials (Aspera Server, Username and Password).
  3. Enter a custom Directory instead of the auto-filled one if you’d like.
  4. Submit to start the delivery. The system will immediately attempt to connect to the server and notify you in case it cannot access the account. If successful, you will receive an email notification upon completion of the delivery.

Optionally, you may store delivery profiles for server credentials you plan to use multiple times. To do so, go to your Organization (e.g. click your name in the top right corner, go to My Profile and then click your Organization name directly below the headline) and open the Profiles tab. Here, you may use Add New to define new delivery profiles. Upon saving, the system will immediately validate the credentials. Existing profiles may be edited or deleted by using the available Actions.